Versatile work environments, private rooms, and shared spaces.

Merkato Hub emerges within an iconic, history-rich location: a former aircraft hangar.

Its spaces, equipped with state-of-the-art technology, are ideal for fostering innovation and hosting in-person or streaming presentations, conferences, meetings, and events that demand specialised and tailored facility services.

Merkato offers the opportunity to lease flexible and dedicated coworking spaces, furnished with all the essential amenities, enabling organisations of all sizes to thrive in a uniquely creative environment while efficiently managing resources.

Exclusive reservations are also available, providing the option of hosting events and delivering an all-encompassing solution that caters to diverse client requirements.




A dynamic meeting point where hubbers gather, collaborate, and build community around the table.

Capacity: 30 seated people, 50-60 people cocktail-style.
● Relaxation area.
● Counter and office area equipped with refrigerators.
● Coffee and osmotised water.


Open space


Provides a versatile and flexible environment that easily adapts to different user needs.

Capacity: 10 to 12 people around a table.
Occupation: Theater-style seating for 30 people.
● 75-inch portable screen with cutting-edge Clever Touch technology.


Central hall


A high-ceilinged creative laboratory, bathed in natural light through its skylight, where “hubbers” go about their daily activities.

Capacity: 200 people standing.
Occupation: Theater-style seating for 112 people.
● Three customisable plasma screens.
● 75-inch portable screen.
● Wireless microphone system and public address.


Meeting rooms

13m² | 14m²

Merkato Hub has several meeting spaces equipped with state-of-the-art technology.

Capacidad: 6 to 8 people.
● Acoustic isolation.
● Screens with Poly Studio USB system.


Multipurpose room


A versatile and flexible space where furniture and devices easily adjust and move to accommodate specific needs for private meetings, talks, exhibitions, training sessions, and other events.

Capacity: 4 to 26 people.
● Coffee area.
● Independent climate control.
● 75-inch screen.