IVC Evidensia

With a legacy of over a decade marked by steady growth, IVC Evidensia has emerged as the leading veterinary care company in Europe. Anchored by dedication and a shared vision, it brings together internationally renowned talent under an overarching mission: enhancing animal health and care.


We care | We dare | We share

“It’s a pleasure to work in a centrally located space within the city, with flexible and cutting-edge facilities that foster collaboration, creativity, and team productivity.”


Commitment to People.


Equipo Humano

Placing deep value in its human team, offering them continuous training, internal growth opportunities, and well-being policies.

Commitment to the Customer.


Equipo Humano

The Clinical Board drives exemplary veterinary care by supporting strategies and actions that ensure uncompromising quality in pet healthcare.

Sustainable Commitment


Actively working to minimise its environmental impact and promote an eco-friendly ethos through its “Positive Pawprint” strategy.